Lent: A Time for Renewal

Lent: A Time for Renewal
It is believed that during the holi/holy days, people are most stressed – an emotionally draining time of the year. The drama that comes with this season is often compounded when, for example, there is a loss of a loved one, a job, or any other major life transition.

Compounding our personal challenges the reality of global insecurity (i.e. the long-term effects of COVID-19), the stock market reactions, political mayhem, and volatile times, it may be a difficult time for many. So, how are we to cope and survive during this season—how are we getting through Lent?

As daylight hours increase, sooner than later, we would be basking in the sun. However, before we get there, we journey through a sacred time in our church year—Lent. The disciplines of Lent: Repentance, Fasting, Prayer and Acts of Charity—become our focus as individuals and as a community of believers.

My fellow sojourners, this season is not just for the soul or building up your lives spiritually. Lenten practices are a divine tool for transformation of your entire being.

It is my prayer that you embrace this Lenten journey and process. Enter into it and then find
yourself exiting as a new person renewed and reprogrammed to be of service to God and our neighbors we have from God.
The Rev. Romeo K. Dabee
JFK Airport Community Minister