A Ministry of the
Council of Churches
of the City of New York

Chapel Staff

The Rev. Romeo K. Dabee
JFK Airport Community Minister

The Rev. Micah Stumme
Associate Chaplain

Marianne Fazio
Administrative Assistant


Board of Directors

William L. Huisman, Chair


Rudoplh H. Auslander
Chair, Board of Director
Mill Neck Family of Organizations

The Rev. Dr. David H. Benke
Bishop Emeritus, Atlantic District
Lutheran Church Missouri Synod

Toni Carbonaro
Ret. Port Authority, JFK

William Clark
JFK Operations Manager, Hawaiian Airlines

Morris Gurley
President,Council of Churches
of the City of New York

The Rev. Dr. John E. Hiemstra
Executive Director Emeritus
Council of Churches of the City of New York

William L. Huisman
Executive Director, Aviation Development Council

Phillip J. Jensen
Vice President, Business Development
Worldwide Flight Services

Finney Kurian
Regional Vice President Operations, ABM Aviation

The Rev. N. J. L'Heureux, Jr.
Executive Director,
Queens Federation of Churches


Fred Kamel
Accommodations Plus International

Joanne King
General Manager
Westfield Concession Management

Don Matera
Vice President, Airway Maintenance Inc.

Frank McIntyre
Royal Waste Services, Inc.

Joseph Morra
General Manager, Royal Waste Services, Inc.

Jane Mrosko
Program Manager
Travels Aid International, JFK Airport.

Verdia M. Noel
Area Director
Council for Airport Opportunity, Inc.

The Rev. Micah Stumme
Pastor, St. David's Lutheran Church

George Tasigianis
Director of Airport Services,
Accommodations PIus International

Donald W. Wright
VP, North American Operations,
All Nippon Airways





Christ for the World Chapel

Terminal 4

JFK Airport, NY 11430

(718) 656-5693